Sliding Door Track Roller Rail Cover - 1/4 inch x 3 foot

Two - 1/4" - 3 Foot Long Stainless Steel Sliding Door Track Covers
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For sliding patio doors that go "bump", "bump", "bump" (due to dips in the roller rail on the sliding door track) when moving the sliding door.

Fits virtually all sliding glass door tracks.

A stainless steel "C" shaped roller rail cover designed for sliding glass patio doors where there is not much room to lift up on the sliding door or for sliding glass doors where the door track or threshold is even with the roller rail. 

Cover snaps onto existing sliding glass patio door track.  Normally, you slide the sliding door to one side, snap on track. Slide door to other side, cut to length and snap on sliding door track cover.

There should be no need to remove existing sliding glass patio door or sliding door track! 

Click here for Printable Installation Instructions

Even if a small portion of the rail on your sliding door track is damaged, you need to cover the entire length of the sliding door. 

Price INCLUDES two (2) - 3 foot sections of a Stainless Steel Sliding Door Track Cover, a tube of Adhesive to secure and detailed installation instructions.

Additional sections can be ordered for larger doors.


JB Stik Epoxy Putty can be purchased on our site. Use the JB Stik Epoxy Putty to fill in any dips in the existing roller rail so that the new 1/4 inch sliding door track cover will be supported. 

Model Number:: 2003