Sliding Door Track Roller Rail Cover - 9/16 inch x 6 foot

9/16 inch 6 FOOT SOLID Sliding Door Track Roller Rail Cover
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For glass sliding patio doors that go "bump", "bump", "bump" (due to dips in the roller rail) when moving the sliding glass patio door.  Also designed for sliding doors that slide good somewhere on the door track, then stick and/or are hard to move from worn areas in the roller rail that cause the sliding door to rub on the threshold or door track thereby making the sliding door stick & hard to move.

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The roller rail cover stands on the door threshold, thereby giving a straight roller rail and supporting the door the entire length of the door track.  No need to remove existing sliding glass patio door hardware or the sliding glass patio door track! 

A stainless steel "A" shaped roller rail cover is designed for sliding glass patio doors where support is necessary due to dips.

Even if a small portion of your rail is damaged, you need to cover the entire length of the door.

Normally no need to remove existing glass sliding patio door hardware.  Cover goes over existing sliding glass patio door track hardware.

Product is shipped in 1-1/2 inch PVC with end caps to help insure it doesn't get bent.

Comes with JB Weld to secure  JB Weld Mini Adhesive and detailed installation instructions.

Additional sections can be ordered for larger sliding doors.

Model Number:: 3006